The Challenge

There are over 18,000 students enrolled at Appalachian State University. Less than 10 PERCENT claim to be Christ Followers. There are over 150 International Students on campus every semester who come from places where the Gospel is not known, acknowledged, or permitted. And this is just at ASU. Who is trying to reach them? Who is trying to make sure there is NO PLACE LEFT where people haven’t heard the name of Jesus Christ?

The Solution

The students who most need to hear the Good News about God’s Kingdom are the least likely to come to us. They are the least likely to show up to a Christian gathering. That means we need to go to them. We are not content to meet in one place as one group all at one time – we are going to everyone, everywhere, all the time. We exist to train students to take the good news of Jesus to the rest of the 18,000.

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