When it comes to longevity and continuity in our relationships “off campus” in the community we are realistic.  Our lives don’t touch the community much, and, as college students, we just aren’t going to have many long-lasting relationships with people “out there” in the High Country.  But churches can have that longevity.  They can connect with people in their communities and stay connected.  And we have long-standing relationships with churches.  So that means we can help churches in their efforts to reach their own communities.  And that’s what we do.

BCM’s idea of community missions is wrapped up in our partnership with the local church.  Churches need help on mission projects, and we provide that help.  From building wheelchair ramps to giving away water to helping with childcare or music at church outreach events, we are there to help.  It’s not like we can say to a family we have helped, “Hey, come worship with a bunch of college students on Tuesday night,” or, “Bring your preschooler to one of our freshman groups.”  But churches can invite that family.  So we think it is much more beneficial to partner with churches in reaching their communities.