Missions isn’t something we do; it’s something we live.  And when it comes to Appalachian State, it’s why we are here.  A tiny little percentage of the 18,000 students are connected to a church or Christian ministry.  That means there’s a lot of work to do.

BCM calls out, commissions, trains, sends, and resources students to live as missionaries on the App State Campus.  We use an evangelistic process that we have gleaned and built from scripture and watching cross-cultural missionaries.  We believe this should be a simple and reproducible process. It is more about people than programs.  We do not stand on campus sidewalks preaching; we do not pass out tracts; we are not mean.  We treat people with dignity and grace.  Love compels us to do so.  Love also compels us with a sense of urgency.  We don’t want people to live enslaved any longer than they have to.  We don’t want people to live apart from Jesus one more day…or hour…or minute.