BCM is a ministry to and with college students primarily on the campus of Appalachian State University. We are student-led and staff-supported. We love Jesus and believe that the gospel changes everything – individually and communally. Every campus ministry at App State is different, and we don’t pretend to be for everyone. When it comes down to it, BCM is bent on bringing the Kingdom of God to Appalachian State University. We believe that Jesus revolutionized the world by turning everything upside down, and one thing a revolution is not: safe. We believe Jesus wants us to live dangerously abundant lives that are contagious and transformational. So let’s go ahead and throw it out there: BCM is not a safe bubble for reclusive religious types. We are a group that tries to live out and carry the message of Jesus: a message that we believe is so powerful that it will ruin your ordinary, dull life and move you into what we were all created to be. Our mission is to see No Place Left without a gospel presence on our campuses.


We are members of the Appalachian Spiritual Life Association (ASLA), a group of prominent ministries that have gone through a system of rigorous hoops in order to be recognized by the University. That means that we have been here long enough to be respected, and we are part of the Campus Ministry advisory group to the University.

We cooperate and associate with the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina (BSCNC). 

We are a ministry connected to the Three Forks Baptist Association (TFBA). That means that we partner with the churches that make up the TFBA, especially when it comes to laboring in the community of Boone and the High Country.We are a part of a larger campus ministry network called BCM of the High Country. Our central location is Boone, NC at the campus of Appalachian State University but our vision is to launch ministries at other universities, colleges, and community colleges across the northwestern part of North Carolina.

We are a ministry overseen by a Board of Directors. That means that we have a diverse group of community members, leaders, alumni, and students who are passionate about seeing college students surrender their lives to follow Jesus. They are all active members of SBC churches and are willing to stand behind our common statement of faith.

We have a long history of ministry that has taken many shapes over the last 70+ years. Much of this history is archived in student scrapbooks that can be found in the Special Collections area of the ASU Library.